1. How much does the course cost?
Trudy Ann’s Keto Masala Kitchen costs $55.00 consisting of 1 + hour of lectures + cooking demos. Besides this, you will also have access to 11 downloadable recipe cards. Sign in to create an account, pay the fee and begin the class.

2. How long do I have access to the course for?
You will have access to the course for the lifetime of the course online even if it is updated. You won't be cut off after a period of time.

3. Is the course completely online?
Yes, all of the course content is online. However the recipes cards can be downloaded offline.

4. Are there any pre-requisites for this course?
No, you do not need any prior level of knowledge of a Keto lifestyle, and I hope to provide useful information to people. As the course is fully online, basic computer skills are required to complete the content. You will also need an email address to enroll.

5. What if I have forgotten my password?
Please visit here to reset your password.
Please note: you will need the email address that you signed up with.

6. Who would benefit from this course?
This is beneficial to all individuals wanting a healthier lifestyle and improving metabolic health issues. Please consult with your doctor if you are a teenager, pregnant or a nursing mother or taking medications for health issues before undertaking any changes to your diet.

7. How can I contact you?
You can contact me here along with your query.